ORTSOC (previously CyberClinic) is in pilot to establish a regional, world-class shared Security Operations Center (SOC) to improve participating organizations’ cybersecurity capabilities while providing experiential and research opportunities for student’s in cybersecurity programs.

We are headed toward a crisis. Cybersecurity threats are increasing in intensity and sophistication with the resulting data breaches accounting for tremendous losses for organizations. As these organizations seek to improve their security posture, they are finding a shortage of qualified workers. In May 2020, there were 507,924 cybersecurity job openings in the U.S. (4,595 positions in Oregon)

Academia responded, and in the last several years there have been a proliferation of cybersecurity and information assurance programs developed. But according to a recent report by the U.S. Departments of Commerce and of Homeland Security, those efforts might be failing to fully meet needs. “Employers increasingly are concerned about the relevance of cybersecurity-related education programs in meeting the needs of their organizations” was one of the key findings of the report. Further research has pointed to the importance of experiential learning to make graduating students appealing to employers.

ORTSOC is set out to pilot and scale up its programs to become the preeminent regional research and teaching SOC and a trusted cybersecurity partner offering an affordable suite of services to a consortium of under-resourced entities through an experiential learning and professional development program for students.

With degree and certificate programs, a comprehensive curriculum, and consortium member services, ORTSOC will create multiple pathways for diverse student cohorts to progress through OSU cybersecurity programs.

For more information, visit the ORTSOC website: https://ortsoc.oregonstate.edu or contact Dave Nevin, Assistant Professor of Practice, EECS at [email protected].

Current Team

Rakesh Bobba (co-lead)
Associate Professor
Dave Nevin (co-lead)
Assistant Professor of Practice
Emma Chemey
Digital Communications Specialist
Marina Denny
Associate Vice Provost for Engagement
OSU Extension Service
Jade Duong
Research Analyst
Impact Studio
Owen Perry
Marketing & Communications Strategist
Carley Ries
Senior Assistant Dean of Online Programs


Scott Ashford
Andrea Ballinger
CIO and Vice Provost
Tim Carroll
Ivory Lyles
Vice Provost/Director
OSU Extension and Engagement