Why We're Here

Impact Studio is a dynamic venue coupled with best practice approaches for developing ways for Oregon State to respond creatively and nimbly to fast-changing trends in higher education.
A higher rate of institutional innovation surfaced as a high priority through the Vision 2030 conversations, as were the needs for net revenue growth and diversification, and our studio uses proven methodologies to develop innovative solutions for Oregon State's needs.


Impact Studio is where teams of faculty, students and staff develop and launch bold initiatives that advance Oregon State's strategic plan and improve the University's financial strength.

SP4.0 Goal 1: Preeminence in Research, Scholarship, and Innovation
  • Future Initiative, To Be Determined
SP4.0 Goal 2: Transformative Education that is Accessible to All Learners
  • Capacity-Based Pricing
  • Oregon Research and Teaching Security Operations Center
  • Pathways to OSU
  • Transfer Enrollment and Success Expansion
SP4.0 Goal 3: Significant and Visible Impact in Oregon and Beyond
  • International Online
  • Outdoor Recreation Economy Initiative
SP4.0 Goal 4: A Culture of Belonging, Collaboration, and Innovation
  • Engineering & Design for Society
  • Transfer Student Experience
Innovating in the Core
  • University Financial Management