Providing services and support to the Oregon State community

Oregon State has a history of launching adjacent initiatives that positively benefit our university community while enabling increased financial security for our institution.
Past example initiatives are INTO OSU and Ecampus.

Impact Studio is responsible for accelerating the number of adjacent opportunities at Oregon State and providing the support structure for adjacent initiative success.

We Provide Services to our Teams

Adjacent Opportunity
You have a great idea. We help you find the best opportunity for growth.
Change Management
Change is necessary, good, and inevitable. It's also hard. We're here for you.
Visualize your workflow and put it to work for you.
Program Launch & Scale-Up
Building and executing the best incubation, pilot, and scale-up plans.
Program / Project Management
We have the tools, resources, and skills to manage your team and build your talent.
Solution Development
We help you build solutions to grow your opportunity and address your pain points.
Solution Identification
All needs and pain points have a solution. We help your team to discover them.
Strategic Planning
Our strategy tables are an effective tool to identify decision areas and choice points.
Strategy Decisions
Choosing the strategy that best performs your intended function.
User Needs Assessment
Identifying, engaging, and understanding your audience is the priority.


We Leverage Resources to Generate Growth

Leveraging Oregon State Resources

Successfully discovering, developing, testing and launching adjacent initiatives in existing organizations is a unique challenge. Institutions that have successful core offerings often have difficulty identifying “what’s next.” One key issue is that adjacent opportunities have significantly more uncertainty to navigate than expanding services in the core, where typically ninety percent of an organization’s business is performed. Impact Studio lives primarily in the adjacent space.

Guiding Fund Growth

Virtually all organizations are faced with the dilemma of how to generate sustainable growth. Under pressure to diversify their portfolios, many organizations double down on core business activities in the hopes that what brought them success in the past will continue to do so. This is risky. A better path to sustainable growth is through redistribution; investing in a diversified portfolio of growth opportunities that are more likely to have a transformational impact in the long run.


We Deliver

Initiative Development

The deliverable is an Investment Grade Proposal (IGP). The IGP is a holistic proposal, including the expected financial returns, key uncertainties, and a disciplined investment plan for incubation. The proposed solution addresses our empathetic understanding of audience needs and how our unique capabilities allow Oregon State to serve the market. The IGP does not predict the future; it brings committed people together to create it.

The IGP narrative is backed up by appendices containing user needs, solution design, market information, financial modeling, and other pertinent details.

Initiative Launch

The deliverable is a validation of the proposed approach prior to scale-up. To validate, we rapidly and cost-effectively test the key uncertainties.

Each launch phase starts with a customized plan to test the most important areas of uncertainty. For example: during incubate, it is common to test whether the audience for the new service understands and values it to the extent assumed in the Investment Grade Proposal. In pilot, the core uncertainties often revolve around whether the full solution contains all the needed parts and whether the organization can deliver it. In scale-up, the uncertainty typically revolves around whether the solution can be delivered to multiple audiences with high quality and in a cost-effective manner.