Providing services and support to the Oregon State community

Oregon State has a history of launching adjacent initiatives that positively benefit our university community while enabling increased financial security for our institution.
Past example initiatives are INTO OSU and Ecampus.

Impact Studio is responsible for accelerating the number of adjacent opportunities and initiatives and providing the support structure for initiative success.

Leveraging Oregon State Resources

Adjacent opportunities and Core activities

Successfully discovering, developing, testing and launching adjacent initiatives in existing organizations is a unique challenge. Institutions that have successful core offerings often have difficulty identifying “what’s next.” One key issue is that adjacent opportunities have significantly more uncertainty to navigate than expanding services in the core, where typically ninety percent of an organization’s business is performed. Impact Studio lives primarily in the adjacent space.

Guiding Fund Growth

Virtually all organizations are faced with the dilemma of how to generate sustainable growth. Under pressure to diversify their portfolios, many organizations double down on core business activities in the hopes that what brought them success in the past will continue to do so. This is risky. A better path to sustainable growth is through redistribution; investing in a diversified portfolio of growth opportunities that are more likely to have a transformational impact in the long run.