Impact Studio Design Interns are active core team members involved in developing and launching bold initiatives that advance Oregon State's strategic plan and improve the University's financial strength.

Our Impact Studio Internship Program, launched in 2018, is a paid internship designed to give students hands-on experience researching the potential of business initiatives originating from the Oregon State University community. As a student Design Intern, you will take part in a variety of tasks needed to evaluate the audience needs, market potential, competition, and industry landscape for our initiatives; as well as, have opportunities to provide design ideas and perform tasks that will help our department grow overall.

As a Design Intern at Impact Studio, some of the skills that you will develop are: critical thinking, written and verbal communication, human-centered design, data research, analysis and interpretation, collaboration and networking, project and program management, and competitive market analysis.


You are an active, contributing member of the initiative Core Team! You attend key working meetings, share research findings and analysis, and communicate with peers, Impact Studio staff, and faculty across university colleges and departments.

Primary Research

Do you enjoy talking with humans? As a primary researcher, you will develop and analyze surveys and conduct human-centered design research; including empathy-based observation through interviews, focus groups, and co-design sessions.

Secondary Research

You will evalute and select the best data from relevant market sources while conducting competitive research! This includes identifying the value chain for initiatives within various sectors in industry.


You will learn to analyze market sizing, user needs, and recommended solutions using primary and secondary sources as well as competing organizations and their offerings. You will help Impact Studio deliver preliminary financial estimates based on analysis of the current and future value chain.

Want some more insight? Check out what some of our previous interns have said, or even reach out to one of our current team members!

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To Apply

We typically post the Design Internship opportunity during the Spring Term (April or May). Please mark your calendars to check the OSU student employment portal to apply!