Pathways to OSU (P2OSU) kicked off development in January 2020.

Pathways to OSU (P2OSU) is developing a longitudinal solution to support Black, Latinx, and Native American/Alaskan Native students. Engagement in the program is proposed to start in middle school and extend through their university experience.

P2OSU recognizes and respects the vital role of other successful programs to serve these students; both offered through OSU and by other public and private organizations. The initiative team proposes to connect existing programs across each phase of a student's experience through a relationship-based collaboration and backbone structure within an ecosystem of parent, K-12, community college, Oregon State, community-based organization, industry, and alumni/career touch-points and activities.

Additionally, the focus is on supporting students through the difficult transitions by building trusted relationships with students, families, and communities. Early, intentional and research-based support will increase first-time freshman enrollment and retention through graduation.

Current Team

Beth St. Amand
STEM Outreach Coordinator
OSU Extension Service
SueAnn Bottoms
Director of Precollege Programs
The SMILE Program
Nikki Cook
Education Program Assistant
OSU Extension Service
Allison Davis-White Eyes
Community Diversity Relations
Office of Institutional Diversity
Gina Galaviz-Yap
Juntos Statewide Coordinator
OSU Open Campus
Angela Sandino
Regional Director - North Willamette Region
OSU Extension Service
Maureen Hosty
Extension 4-H Youth Faculty; Professor
College of Public Health and Human Services
Dorian Smith
Coordinator of Black Student Access and Success
Educational Opportunities Program
Stephanie Ramos
Program Coordinator
Office of Undergraduate Education
Jeff Sherman
Program Leader
OSU Open Campus


Anita Azarenko
Interim Vice Provost/Executive Director
OSU Extension and Engagement
Jon Boeckenstedt
Vice Provost
Enrollment Management