University Financial Management (UFM) kicked off in Phase I in January 2020 and has entered Phase II in January 2021.

A need exists to prioritize and tradeoff both Oregon State University academic unit costs and revenues in a strategic, optimized manner. Budget pressures have peaked with the coincidental timing of the recent implementation of modified Responsibility Center Management (RCM) budget processes. Academic deans and directors have not been asked previously or provided the tools to act strategically regarding their college-level program decisions and to optimize within an allocated budget. The UFM working group is engaging with OSU's academic units to improve the tools and methods for strategic financial management.

The UFM Working Group was charged to investigate and propose solutions to provide the needed tools and expertise to support the deans and their academic leaders and faculty.

Envisioned is a UFM Suite, composed of four integrated modules, which provide essential information for budgeting and decision analysis at the college level.  The UFM Suite enables the colleges to optimize spending, staffing, and course offerings consistent with their RCM budget guidance.

An early objective in the team's Phase I work was to lock in the development approach, costs, and resources. Currently, Phase II is identifying and creating the tools for the UFM Suite, and will prototype and test the tools in a Feasibility Pilot with select colleges and departments, and further test in a subsequent Development Pilot.

UFM Steering Team

Jon Dolan
Interim Vice Provost for Information and Technology
Sherm Bloomer
Associate Vice President
Budget and Resource Planning
Heidi Sann
Associate Vice President and Controller
Finance and Administration
Lynn Egli
Managing Partner
NextLevel Non-Profit Consulting LLC
Mark Johnson
Business Center Manager
Arts and Science Business Center
Rich Duncombe
Impact Studio
Jesse Mraz
Operations Administrator
Impact Studio


Ed Feser
Provost and Executive Vice President
Mike Green
Vice President, Chief Financial Officer

Academic Partners

Roy Haggerty
College of Science
Roberta Marinelli
College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences
Larry Rodgers
College of Liberal Arts