Advancing Oregon State's Strategic Plan

Initiatives selected by our Impact Studio Advisory Committee represent bold opportunities that move OSU’s mission forward.
The goals in Strategic Plan 4.0 frame our selection criteria, which include external impact, net revenue generation, culture change, teaching mission, building capacity, and internal collaboration.

SP4.0 Goal 1: Preeminence in Research, Scholarship, and Innovation

Goal Aim: Establishing OSU as a leader in conducting research, producing knowledge, and generating innovations that contribute to addressing global grand challenges, particularly in our signature areas; training the next generation of scholars; and contributing to the economic development and prosperity of Oregon and beyond.

Future Initiative
To be determined

SP4.0 Goal 2: Transformative Education that is Accessible to All Learners

Goal Aim: Using our many locations and online learning platform to maximum advantage in delivering distinctive and affordable education via multiple pathways, integrating research and experiential learning, preparing students for successful careers, training scholars, and creating opportunities for lifelong learning at OSU.

Capacity-Based Pricing
Bringing undergraduate non-resident students to unique OSU programs.
Oregon Research and Teaching Security Operations Center
OSU students leave prepared to secure our nation’s future.
Pathways to OSU
Culturally responsive programs starting in middle school.
Transfer Enrollment and Success Expansion
Our community college partners help us serve future Beavers.

SP4.0 Goal 3: Significant and Visible Impact in Oregon and Beyond

Goal Aim: Actively engaging with the communities we serve, ranging from rural and urban Oregon to every part of the globe, and bringing their knowledge, experiences and cultures into the university; promoting the vitality of our communities and the quality of life for Oregonians; and being of service to government and industry.

International Online
Expanding Oregon State's global impact through online education.
Center for the Outdoor Recreation Economy
Oregon State is your university for the outdoors.

SP4.0 Goal 4: A Culture of Belonging, Collaboration, and Innovation

Goal Aim: Building an organizational culture founded on the values of inclusion, mutual respect, good physical and mental health, collaboration, and humility, so that people from every background are welcomed and thrive, our community is diverse, and our leadership advances both excellence and innovation.

Engineering & Design for Society
Designing for the betterment of society.
Transfer Student Experience
Listening and responding to the needs of our transfer students.

Innovating in the Core

In addition to Impact Studio's work to identify and launch adjacent initiative opportunities for Oregon State, we provide services and support to the university's core activities.

University Financial Management
Helping our leadership colleagues optimize and strategize.