Advanced Wood Products

Advanced Wood Products Initiative is in the Explore phase.

The Advanced Wood Products objective is to redefine the wood products, architecture and construction industry by changing the fundamental approach for non-residential construction. There are many advantages and opportunities for using mass timber in commercial buildings, but the industry has not yet fully embraced this new approach. The Tallwood Design Institute provides an ideal collaboration structure (OSU – COF & COE, UO-COD) to launch ideas that will foster and promote this industry in ways that support ongoing economic development opportunities for timber-dependent rural communities.

The mass timber market in the US is accelerating as it responds to wide-spread adoption in Europe. The NW region and Oregon will either become exporters or importers in this segment. There is top-to-bottom engagement in the state, but there is no alignment on how to tip the adoption of Oregon mass timber for non-residential construction. Oregon State is in a perfect position to drive this change.

Impact Studio and Oregon State began their work to develop an initiative around this opportunity in 2018. We will pick up this work again and continue as resources become available and opportunities are presented.


Geoff Huntington
Director of Strategic Initiatives
College of Forestry (former)
Iain McDonald
Associate Director, Tallwood Design Institute
College of Forestry
Eric Hansen
Department Head, Wood Science & Engineering
College of Forestry
Adrien Wonhof
Director of Administration and Operations
College of Forestry
Juliana Ruble
Project Engineer
College of Forestry
Shannon Murray
CPE Program Coordinator
College of Forestry
Anthony Davis (Sponsor)
Interim Dean
College of Forestry (former)

Blue Innovation Hub

Blue Innovation Hub (formerly "Blue Economy Launch Lab") is in the Converge phase.

Jack Barth, Executive Director of the Marine Studies Initiative (MSI) engaged Impact Studio to develop the Blue Innovation Hub (BIH) Initiative in 2019.

The Blue Economy is all economic activities related to the ocean, seas, and coasts. This includes activities related to shipping, recreation, fisheries, seafood, aquaculture, and renewable energy, as well as software and value-added applications based on ocean and atmosphere data.

The EU recently issued a report on their Blue Economy, valued at over $550B per year. This initiative would focus on the emerging sectors of the Blue Economy.

The focus of BIH is to investigate how Oregon State would create partnerships to advance research and develop, launch, and lead the commercialization of these emerging technologies. The goal of the institute or center is to become an internationally recognized thought leader in the “Emerging Blue Economy.” This activity will also provide real-world learning opportunities, for example, internships, for OSU students.

The benefits of such a structure include rapidly linking research with public and private partners, acting as a public advocate to create new initiatives and funding opportunities, advocating within coastal, state, and federal government and agencies to bring the right stakeholders together around grand challenges including feeding the planet, marine renewable energy and ocean health. Oregon State is internationally recognized in many relevant research topics, and a great opportunity exists to identify what specific aspects of the industry to lead. The Blue Innovation Hub positions Oregon State’s current assets to serve a key need.


Jack Barth (Lead)
Executive Director
Marine Studies Initiative
Bryson Robertson
Associate Professor, Director
College of Engineering, Pacific Marine Energy Center

John Becker-Blease
Assoc. Dean of Graduate Student Development
College of Business
Sarah Henkel
Assistant Professor, Senior Research
College of Science, Hatfield Marine Science Center
Geoff Hollinger
Assistant Professor
College of Engineering
Chris Stoner
Senior Industry Contracts Manager
Research Office
Christina Ann DeWitt
OSU Seafood Laboratory



Roberta Marinelli
College of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences
Irem Turner (Sponsor)
Vice President for Research
Impact Studio Design Interns
Olivia Burkhart (former)
Timothy McElroy (former)