Creative and nimble responses to fast changing trends in higher education

A higher rate of institutional innovation surfaced as a high priority through the Vision 2030 conversations, as were the needs for net revenue growth and diversification. Impact Studio uses proven methodologies to develop innovative solutions for Oregon State's needs.


Impact Studio is where teams of faculty, students and staff develop and launch bold initiatives that advance Oregon State's strategic plan and improve the University's financial strength.


Rob Stone

Rob Stone is the Executive Director of the Impact Studio. He also holds the rank of Professor in the School of Mechanical, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering (MIME) at Oregon State University and is a Fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Rob has served as the Division Director of the Civil, Mechanical and Manufacturing Innovation Division at the National Science Foundation where he led the Division's investment of over $250M per year in innovative, high-risk/high-reward research. Rob was the Head of the School of MIME where he hired 22 new faculty and managed a three-fold increase in student enrollment in the School's undergraduate and graduate programs. Before coming to OSU, he utilized his design research background to assist in creating the design-focused Interdisciplinary Engineering degree program at the University of Missouri-Rolla. At Rolla he served as Director of the interdisciplinary Student Design and Experiential Learning Center. Prior to initiating his graduate work, Rob worked in the Missions Operation Directorate of NASA-Johnson Space Center as a Space Shuttle Flight Controller for the Guidance, Navigation and Control Section. Rob's research expertise include design theories and methodologies, specifically advanced methods for the conceptual design phase. He earned his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from The University of Texas at Austin. [email protected]

Our Team

Pongchalat Chaisiriroj
Graduate Research Assistant
Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering (2024)
Ekaterina Dunovskaia
Graduate Research Assistant
MSB Marketing Insights & Analytics (2024)
Jade Duong
Research Analyst
MSB Financial Analytics (2022)
Business Administration (2020)
Victoria Gutierrez
Graphic Design Intern
Graphic Design (2026)
Nicolas Haralambidis
Web Developer Intern
Computer Science (2024)
Evann Kobashigawa
Design Intern
Mechanical Engineering (PD & D)
Jamie Liu
Design Intern
Computer Science (2026)
Latsanivong Yommalath
Design Intern
Innovation and Entrepreneurship (2025)

What they're saying...

Evietta Chapman

Business (2021)
Design Intern
“Confidence, speaking skills, ability to organize, and an overall readiness to enter the workforce in a thoughtful way that is meaningful and makes my life feel meaningful, are skills I gained through Impact Studio.”

Jennifer Rodriguez

Major (2021)
Design Intern
“I gained exposure to Human Centered Design, used in design and management frameworks to develop solutions. I aspire to apply this to empower people, their communities, and address problems of inequity.”

Evan Hopper-Moore

Computer Science (2021)
Web Developer
"Working with Impact Studio was a collaborative, fast-paced, and satisfying learning experience. My time here taught me to think about design in new ways and challenge myself to push my work to its best."


Impact Studio is not an ordinary meeting room. High energy, engaging conversations, and rapid fire idea-filled sticky notes are creating new approaches to solve challenging issues. A large jam space provides opportunities for training sessions and seminars.
Oregon State’s reputation for grit, determination, confidence, collaboration, vision, conscientiousness, and inclusion are expectations in full effect in the studio. The rate of learning is off the charts, hierarchy is just another nine letter word, and teams contribute with a sense of urgency.
We’re a magnet for those that thrive on the front end of creating new initiatives. Skilled and experienced teams work in every phase of innovation; delving into uncertainty and building confidence in creating and launching innovative new solutions.
Everyone is welcome. We partner with EdTech visionaries and trend watchers to see around the next corner in education. Colleges, division centers, programs, outside organizations, and donors collaboratively identify growth opportunities.


Rich Duncombe

Rich started Impact Studio in 2017 to prove that OSU could accelerate the rate of innovation outside of its core programs and activities. The proof is evident in the 50 ideas developed into 10 initiatives. "Working with OSU's dedicated, talented, and creative people was a privilege. OSU has many hidden gems. Impact Studio works to identify, polish, and combine multiple gems to create something new that delivers value for those we serve." Rich came to OSU as a proven executive who led growth strategies and launched new businesses or initiatives within the tech industry and higher education. He showed his passion for catalyzing innovation from concept to reality and developing diverse talent to lead innovation.