Our methodology has been applied and refined over two decades

Initiative Development

The deliverable is an Investment Grade Proposal (IGP). The IGP is a holistic proposal, including the expected financial returns, key uncertainties, and a disciplined investment plan for incubation. The proposed solution addresses our empathetic understanding of audience needs and how our unique capabilities allow Oregon State to serve the market. The IGP does not predict the future; it brings committed people together to create it.

The IGP ten-page narrative is backed up by appendices containing user needs, solution design, market information, financial modeling and other pertinent detail that backs up the narrative.

Initiative Launch

The deliverable is a validation of the proposed approach prior to Scale-up. To validate, we rapidly and cost-effectively test the key uncertainties.

Each Launch phase starts with a customized plan to test the most important areas of uncertainty. For example: During Incubate, it is common to test whether the audience for the new service understands and values it to the extent assumed in the Investment Grade Proposal. In Pilot, the core uncertainties often revolve around whether the full solution contains all the needed parts and whether the organization can deliver it. In Scale-up, the uncertainty typically revolves around whether the solution can be delivered to multiple audiences with high quality and in a cost-effective manner.